When you need medical transport, we’re there with care.

RRR Air Evac Emergency Response provides medical evacuation from the Belize Cayes, throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, to the mainland and USA.

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Belize's economy has been devastated by the COVID-19 Pandemic and that is especially true for Ambergris Caye. The economy of our island is 100% driven by tourism. The Belize borders have been closed since April 1st and tourism has come to a complete halt.

Travel to Belize is Re-Opening!!

Great news!! Travel to Belize is scheduled to open on August 15th! Get your tickets and travel plans ready to get back to some peace and normalcy for the summer!

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Our mission

We work with local rescue and medical services to provide medically necessary transportation to higher levels of care for travelers, while contributing to the communities we serve.

Most insurances accepted.

RRR Evac Responds

RRR Air Evac, in cooperation with Rickilee Rescue and Response, has created a network of skilled local responders, made up of locals and Americans, who are trained in emergency response and water rescue. RRR has donated a scene support vehicle in San Pedro that is used for emergency responses, providing rescue equipment, and transporting those in need of medical/rescue services. Our team has been equipped and trained to offer ground transportation on San Pedro, water rescue in the Ambergris Caye area, and inter-island fixed wing air transportation throughout both the Caribbean and Latin America. RRR has the capability to fly patients to the United States and Canada. Most insurance plans are acceptable for these types of healthcare transfers.

If you have been thinking about Belize you should know that it is a destination that will not disappoint.

Within this incredible country there are some of the worlds best sights and adventures.

From diving, Mayan pyramids, jungle adventure, cuisine, and lets not forget about the beautiful beaches.

With all the fun activities and beautiful sites to see there are many must do’s and a few don’ts to keep in mind. Download our e-book on traveling to Belize, which has some tips to help you have the best experience possible wherever you may go in this wonderful country.

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RRR Evac responded with urgency to our family accident during our travels on San Pedro. They were informative, kind and so generous in their support. This is a wonderful service that I am truly grateful for!

Katie MacDonald


You helped to save my nephew, Austin Leintz, life on Sunday May 5th, 2019. You responded to the scene and transported him between many different medical facilities and finally flew him home to the USA. Without you, Austin Leintz story would have ended differently. A huge thumbs up to RRR EVAC and Rickilee Response and Rescue!!!

Tracy Leintz Sapp


RRR saved my sons life hands down The best you back emergency services I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I highly Recommend them to anybody anytime anywhere!!!

Kirk Leintz


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Email: flightcoord@rrrevac.com | Phone: US +001-402-882-3140

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