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Do’s and Don’ts for traveling in Belize

The Holidays are right around the corner and many of you are looking for your next vacation destination!

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If you’ve been thinking about Belize you should know that this is a destination that will not disappoint. Within this incredible country there are some of the world’s best sights and adventures.

From diving, Mayan pyramids, jungle adventure, cuisine, and lets not forget about the beautiful beaches. Whatever you may choose to do there is something to do for everyone in the family.

For a specific location in Belize to visit is San Pedro. It is known as hotspot for tourism due to the island life many want to experience. It is also the home base for RRR Emergency Evac so you can be rest assured you will be safe and have a dedicated team looking out for you. With all the fun activities and beautiful sites to see there are many must do’s and a few don’ts to keep in mind.

Here are some tips to help you have the best experience possible wherever you may go in Belize:



Do go to secret beach if you’re visiting San Pedro. If you’re looking to mingle with other tourists, enjoy calm crystal blue water, or just want to lounge out with your favorite cocktail then you will love this place. When you get there you will know you have arrived due to the Instagram worthy sign reading Secret Beach at its entrance. Bars and restaurants line the beach and the golf cart ride too it is a blast!

Try the Food

Trying the food in Belize is definitely a must do. From the many great restaurants to street tacos your taste buds will thank you. Give the Fry Jacks a try at breakfast or the Ceviche and Cochinita Pibil for Dinner. If you decide on some tacos do add some of the famous Marie Sharpe’s hot sauce on them and pick some up for yourself before you head home.


A must do is take advantage of the many adventures in Belize. If you are a diver, you will want to check out the famous Blue Hole for an experience you won’t forget. Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world allowing for many other dive opportunities. You may see some of your favorite sea life there. Be sure to book through Tuff Enuff Tours and ask for Billy. On the mainland you will have the option to river raft through the caves, rock climb, visit ancient Mayan pyramids, and trek through jungles.


In order to have the best experience it is important to pack the essentials for Belize. Depending on the season you visit it can be hot and humid to warm and dry during the peak season. Either way you are at the equator so sunscreen and hats are a must do. More items to not forget in your packing list are; flip flops, shorts, bathing suits, bug spray, pants (for bugs at night), sunglasses, and long sleeves to name a few. This isn’t something you need to pack but remember you will most likely be in the sun a lot so drink plenty of water. Pair water with the items you have packed to ensure you have a great time and avoid any sun related issues.


Don’t Convert USD to BZD

In Belize they accept US dollars at any establishment you go to and you will get back Belizean dollars. So do not worry about converting all your money and run into the problem of bringing home all this Belizean cash you ended up not spending. Belize dollars are fifty cents to our dollar so if the bill is 50 BZE the 25 USD will be accepted. Another money related issue is relying on card to pay for everything. You have to remember that Belize is still a developing country and not every establishment has a card machine. You do not want to see the tasty looking taco stand and have to pass because you forgot to bring cash!

Don’t Touch The Reef

When visiting Belize many of you are coming to experience the world class scuba diving. The beautiful colors of the fish and coral will amaze anyone. The team here at RRR beg you to not touch or stand on the coral. Remember the coral are living and actually considered animals. It is an extremely fragile ecosystem and we want to keep it healthy and thriving for the marine life and the many visitors to come. Also some coral will give you a bad rash and burn so be careful!

Don’t Leave The Group Trekking The Jungle

It is extremely easy to get lost in the jungle or cave tours in the interior of Belize. It is important to stick with the guides and the others in your group. The guides know the best and safest routes but if you wander off to far it will be hard to find you. Plus you will miss out on the great info that the guide will be sharing with you on your trek. This includes info on the wildlife and exotic plants you will see. Stick with the group and you will have a great time.

Don’t Disregard Safety

Like every other city, there are certain spots that do have crime more so than others. It is important you do not disregard your safety. Knowing this should not scare you away from experiencing the world but it is important to know your surroundings and be aware of a possible bad situation. Some helpful safety tips are; travel with someone else or a group, and never alone at night, keep flashy jewelry and extra money in a safe at your hotel, do not get overly drunk, avoid coconut trees (brown coconuts means they are ready to fall and yes people get hit by them) keep emergency numbers and insurance card on you keep track of your passport.

Print These Cards To Keep With You…

All in all Belizeans are extremely friendly and welcoming people. The service here is great, from the excursions to dining. If you have any questions on where to go and not to go, the locals will always be happy to help you. English is a national language in Belize so you will not have an issue finding someone to communicate with. Keep these tips in mind and we hope you visit this beautiful country soon!